Time to break this down…


If you haven’t read the first post I made, I pretty much outlined everything I’m all about in terms of this web space and what it is I plan to do with it during my stay here.  So I’ll do my best to reiterate that with a bit more insight this time around.  If you have read it, hopefully this will give you a better idea of who I am and what this is all about!   So who am I?


Let me explain this from two different perspectives.


First of all, my name is Xan Delacroix.  For future reference, Xan is my actual name.  A condensed version of my middle name, Alexander, whereas Delacroix comes from the famous French artist.  I love his work and if you ever get the chance look up Eugène Delacroix on google some day.  I chose that name to be my pseudonym as a writer, as my shy yet paranoid demeanor and obscure outlook on life forbids me from revealing my real name to the general public.  It’s a name I can wear with pride should I ever come to face the masses as some sort of figurehead.

And while that name permits me a great number of reasons to continue achieving, the person that is of this chosen name needed to extend itself further.  This alternate calls itself nomad.  The base foundation of myself comes to terms as my past self, which is described as the orphan, and my future self, nomad.  While I’ve basically used the orphan as a general tag, mainly used in gaming, nomad holds an alternate purpose.

About two years ago I developed a character which I use as an anthropomorphic korat breed of cat.  This furry persona, or the more commonly used term “fursona”, was named nomad.  He is a cat that is blind in his right eye, complimented with a vertical scar.  He carries a battle worn sword in his left hand and he smokes clove cigarettes.  While my original intention was to use him, along with a cast of other fursonas of my own creation, as a reoccurring character in furry related stories.  Since nomad is a very personal character for me, I’ve adopted his name as well as several traits as my main fursona within the furry fandom.


And now that you know who nomad is, this should give you a good idea as to why I chose the name for this page.  Often times I find myself snagged with an idea or a situation to which I just don’t understand right away.  This happens most often when I am writing.  My best guess as to why this was happening had to do with trying to flesh out an idea onto paper the way my mind has already written it; except at the time I was without understanding of the fact that my mind simply does not work in terms of being able to translate what’s really being said and what’s tangible for eye to read.  Frustrated with failure, I often found myself being what is classified as a Not Writer, one who has the will to write but often chooses not to write.  And while my main strength for writing usually comes in the form of novelizing, I find myself not always having the time to just sit and binge on ideas.  I’m a bit too picky for writing poetry, and I can never seem to know just how short a short-story is classified.  So I’ve decided to do something I often found in the past to be a complete waste of time: blogging.

Now, I’ve never really been keen to idea of just sharing my random thoughts to the masses, as I find my daily activities to pale in comparison to many others around me.  And while I’ve often been told my writing technique tends to weigh heavily with emotion, I actually have intense difficulty conveying my own emotions to others.  My brother once suggested to me that I should do a review podcast for movies and video games with a slight hint towards comedy.  I considered the idea but ultimately rejected it with the number of others out there in the internet much better suited to fit such a role.  However, I’ve always had a knack for finding things that are a bit out-of-place in this world and trying to bring, with lackluster effort on my part, some logic into fray as a means of reflecting just how fucking stupid the world is as a conscious body.


Just one question left to answer from here I suppose, “Why do you call your site Paws for a Second?” 


Essentially, this is what it all boils down to in the end.  I am a writer, casting himself as an anthropomorphic cat with a blurred vision of his future, playing the role of a disgruntled commentator who needs to give him a reason to write and to piss and moan and complain about the things in his world that bring him to a boiling point.  When you weigh it all down and analyze it carefully you’ll see that the answer is painfully obvious.  I call this website Paws for a Second because I have a sick sense of humor!