Today I ordered a new external hard drive.  I’d been pining over this for months now after my current hard drive started to overheat whenever I ran too much info on it.  This sucks because there are lots of games I have that I’d really like to play, but I can’t because it will overheat and shut itself off to prevent data loss.  You can imagine how this can create many months of a depressed me, someone I really don’t like, and with my current economic situation making such costly purchases difficult the last thing I need is to continue the trend.  Then I heard Wil Wheaton during an interview he did with Cenk Uygur about how much he loves to play games and how happy playing games makes him.




What would I be without games?  Hells, I’m aspiring to be a game designer!  While playing games is fun, making them would be the height of my life.  For me, it’d be the ultimate in what storytelling can really do.  The ability to play as a character in a story is sought after by many.  Be it Marcus Fenix, Lara Croft, or Kirby, people seem to relish in sharing the shoes of the tragic hero.  And by that, I don’t mean the literal Tragic Hero, but rather the hero that has to fight through hardship to save the day.  What it would be like to be able to write that story for others to experience…