At the moment of writing this, I’m am at a friend’s fiance’s 30th birthday party.  I am currently 33 years old, and I still don’t feel old.  Is that a thing?

The previous generation benchmarked in their 30’s and the generation after me dreads this number.  My 30th?  Came and went, no second thoughts.  No benchmarks, no “woulda, coulda, shoulda,” no looking back or forth…it was, “Okay, I’m 30.  Here’s to another year, I guess.”

I don’t reflect on my life because of who I am now.  Sure, I hate myself but if I could be someone else I wouldn’t.  But that’s just an aside…

Where was I?  Oh yeah, 30.

What is it about this age that just screams, “OMG, I’m old! roflmao…”  I’ve always been of the mind that every year older is an accomplishment.  There’s no reason to dread age because no one gets younger outside of their mind. 

So the next time you shy about your age, don’t lie…OWN THAT SHIT!